Located at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, the DJS lab's focus is on intergroup interactions, social networks prejudice, morality in group-diverse contexts, and the effect of subtle bias on performance


Mike Rosenblum

5th year PhD Student

Haas School of Business

Mike is interested in research focused on understanding facets of political discourse and inequality. In particular, he studies how political language (such as political correctness) impacts judgements of communicators, as well as how impressions are shaped along the lines of race, gender, and class.

Helena Rose Karnilowicz

5th year PhD Student


Helena studies emotions, emotion regulation, and beliefs about emotions from a social-developmental perspective. She is particularly interested in how beliefs about who can and should control their emotions impacts social interactions. Her research takes a biopsychosocial approach, incorporating subjective, behavioral, and physiological measures.

Amanda Perez-Ceballos

5th year PhD Student



Amanda completed her B.A. in Psychology at Cal and directly after graduation entered the Ph.D. program the Social-Personality area. Her research interests focus on implicit biases, racial prejudice, and interventions. 

Shoshana Jarvis

3rd year PhD Student

Haas School of Business

Before graduate school Shoshana worked as a research assistant with Geoff Cohen at Stanford University and as a lab manager for Geraldine Downey and Niall Bolger at Columbia University. Shoshana also spent a year serving as a corps member at AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps in New York City. She now works on studies and interventions at the intersection of race and criminal justice involvement.

Derek Brown

2nd year PhD Student

Haas School of Business

Derek is interested in research focused on understanding the challenges and value of diversity in society and organizations. In particular, he studies how diversity, prejudice, nonverbal behavior, and status influence individual and group processes.

Sonya Mishra

2nd year PhD Student

Haas School of Business

Sonya is interested in examining how gender and racial inequalities manifest in workplace environments. She is interested in studying the mechanisms behind prejudice and discrimination in an effort to develop intervention methods to encourage diversity and equality.

Sarah de la Vega

Lab Manager

DJS Lab and Micro Lab

Sarah is a lab manager for Professors Drew Jacoby-Senghor (DJS Lab) and Dana Carney (Micro Lab). Her research interests are in nonverbal behavior, classical conditioning nudges, and user experience.

Brianna Blair

Research Assistant

3rd year, Sociology Major


Brianna is interested in research surrounding inequality, race, organizations and social psychology. After completing her undergraduate degree, she plans to pursue a graduate degree in Organizational Behavior or Sociology. 

Maddie Kushner

Research Assistant

4th year, Psychology Major, Data Science Minor

Maddie is interested studying how prejudice and subtle biases influence social interactions and social networks. She hopes to pursue a PhD in psychology.

Winson Truong

Research Assistant

4th year, Double Major in Economics and Data Science

Winson is interested in how surface and deep level diversity affect team performance and communication. After graduation and a short-term corporate experience, he intends to return to higher education.

David Jimenez Chinchilla

Research Assistant

3rd year, Psychology Major

David is interested in research focusing on how bias affects an individual's judgments in everyday interaction. He plans on pursuing a PhD in psychology.

Mae Zheng

Research Assistant

3rd year, Double Major in Business Administration and Data Science

Mae is interested in studying how biases at the workplace emerge and affect culture and how we can improve diversity in the workplace. After graduation, she intends to pursue a career related to the intersection of the tech industry and finance.


Thank you for your interest in the DJS Lab! We are seeking applicants for the spring 2020 semester, especially students who are proficient in computer science/coding. Please check URAP for the spring 2020 application, available starting Tuesday, January 14th, and closing Monday, January 27th 9AM. 
General requirements: full time during the summer or a 2 semester commitment at 9-11 hours per week.